THE RESULT – GrowFactor’s #Miles4Orissa Challenge for Charity

by | Feb 12, 2020

THE RESULT – GrowFactor’s #Miles4Orissa Challenge for Charity

On the 6th of February, our team completed a non-stop 24 hour challenge to raise £3000 for an amazing charity called the Friends of the Children of Orissa (Orissa).

Check out how well we did!

The Why!

Before we share the results it makes sense to explain why we are so passionate about Orissa. 

Orissa is an amazing charity that rescues and sends vulnerable children to school in Bhubaneswar, India. Without the school, these children would be condemned to a lifetime of leprosy, sex work and begging. Instead, Orissa provides the children with an education and the opportunity of a happy and safe future. 

The What!

Miles4Orissa Challenge for Charity THE RESULT

On the 6th of February 2020, our entire UK and Philippines team cycled, rowed and ran for 24 hours with the aim of completing 2000 miles (the total length of India).

The rules were simple:

  • Non-stop challenge 
  • No breaks 

We encouraged our social media followers to donate their workout to the cause by posting on their Instagram story with the hashtag #Miles4Orissa included! Mile donations were accepted from 12.01am on the 3rd of February 2020. 

The Results!


GrowFactor team would like to thank everyone who donated to Friends of the Children of Orissa.

Monetary Target – We surpassed our target of £3000! We received £3,486.78 (plus Gift Aid) in monetary donations. 

Thank you to anyone that donated or spread the word, this money will really make a massive difference to the children. More children will get to go to school and make a future for themselves this year. 

Miles Target – We conquered 1884 miles in total! Whilst we fell short of our 2000 mile target we all feel very proud of our accomplishment! 

If we were to do it all again, we’d have more bikes available (we only had 3 in the UK and 2 in the Philippines) as this was the quickest way to rack up the miles!

miles4orissa leaderboard

Total miles conquered by GrowFactor team and non-members with GrowFactor team leaderboard.

A massive thank you to Graftism and Anytime Fitness – El Pueblo for letting us use their gyms!

Thank you to everyone that donated miles! It was much appreciated and we received 452 miles in total.


How to Donate Money:

If you haven’t donated but you’d still like to, you still can! 





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