6 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress and Improve Employee Productivity

by | Sep 14, 2018

6 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress and Improve Employee Productivity

Employee stress is unavoidable in any business and can cause massive disruptions to staff health and productivity. Overall, it is in your best interest to reduce employee stress where possible. Not only will this improve happiness and communications within the workplace but it will also improve your staff retention rate.

1. Team Relationships

The importance of relationships within the workplace is often overlooked by business owners and senior management. A team that get along well each other and communicate effectively will be more productive overall. Negativity within a team creates a hostile work environment which will directly influence how happy your staff are. Happy staff will stay with your company, unhappy employees will take their skills and knowledge elsewhere!

Large organisations typically invest in training to promote a happier work environment. However, why not offer opportunities for your employees to interact outside the realms of work? At GrowFactor, we have monthly team lunches and quarterly socials, which aims to improve employees morale at work. Not only does this get the team together, but it offers an excellent opportunity to get away from the day-to-day and refocus.

2. Leadership and Management

Ensure your team have the tools and learning opportunities to implement good prioritisation and task management skills into their working life. Provide strategies to staff that help them structure their day so they can be their most productive with minimum stress. At GrowFactor, we implement the Tony Robbins Three to Thrive technique. Every morning each team member identifies what three things they can do that day to have a successful day. Instead of sitting with a massively daunting to-do-list, staff can focus on realistic jobs that will add the most value.

Furthermore, have your staff cut out the noise! It is easy to be distracted by the constant noise of email, instant messaging, social media and phone calls. If your staff react to every message straight away they’ll end up reacting instead of achieving their outcomes for the day. Not only will this decrease their efficiency but they’ll also finish their day feeling unaccomplished. Instead, set guidelines on reaction times.

3. New Policies and Procedures

An often cause of stress to employees is not having access to key staff members when a problem arises. Issues are then left to fester with no solutions provided, causing the problem to escalate. We have resolved this at GrowFactor by introducing a 9am huddle every morning. All of the team join via Zoom and get the opportunity to say if they are ‘stuck’. This allows any issues to be resolved first thing, elevating any stress.

Why not introduce a similar communication procedure within your office? Or introduce new policies, such as a casual dress policy every Friday, that helps make the office more relaxed. Or encourage employees to take their allocated annual leave with a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy – burnt-out staff will not deliver results.

4. Office Environment

Your staff spend the majority of their week at work, so make sure it is a nice place to be! Could you make the space more enjoyable? Look to have more natural light and less clutter. Encourage the team to take pride in the space and make it their own.

5. Promote Healthy Choices

A healthy team typically means a happier and more productive team. Plus, a healthy employee will take less time off sick. So you should be offering benefits that aid a healthy lifestyle. Promote the Cycle to Work Scheme, look at shared office spaces that offer free sports classes or pay for your staff to have a mindfulness/meditation app subscription.

6. Flexible Working

Remote working is becoming the norm and is easy to implement.

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Not only will this make your workforce feel motivated and valued but when employees feel trusted, they work harder as a result! Plus staff that are struggling with big life changes, such as an ill family member, can remove the stress of commuting and can instead use that time to focus on work and family.


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