Be the Leader Your Team Needs You to Be

by | Apr 30, 2020

Be the Leader Your Team Needs You to Be

Leadership is vital during this worrying time for your team. Your role is to lean into your potential as a leader. This is the 6th and the final step of the Coronavirus Business survival Guide

Give your team a clear plan: 

Work on this as a leadership team (or just yourself) and brainstorm your key strategy and tactics for the next 90 days. Write this up by understanding you goals, and what you can do to achieve them (for a template send us a email at 

Share your plan with the rest of the team and get their ideas and input:

 You’ll be amazed as the creative solutions your team can provide if you give them the chance. The idea is to develop new products or services that will help others and also generate sales revenue for your business.

Get together daily when working remotely:

We always have a 15 minute all team huddle meeting on zoom every morning. It’s invaluable and brings us together as a team.

Make sure your team feel secure and valued: 

You need everyone to understand that their jobs are secure and you need them at this time more than ever. Talk to them to explain this. Now is the time for openness and authenticity.

Finalise your plan and discuss this daily with your team and how they can help:

 If someone now has a role that they aren’t able to compete e.g a visiting salesperson then have them help you in a different capacity. With the loan support and 80% rebates you should not really have to lay anyone off during this time.

Connect 121 with each team member:

See if they need any further support, whether that is business, emotional or mental wellbeing.

On top of your daily huddle,  have a weekly meeting, and monthly strategy day.​​ All can be done on zoom – for agendas email me. 

As the final step of the Coronavirus Business Survival Guide, please make sure to help your business thrive during the pandemic crisis. 

Step 1: Get Lean!

Step 2: Make Remote Working Effective

Step 3: Master your Finances

Step 4: Improve your Cash Flow & Setup a Cash Flow Forecast

Step 5: Access Government Funding

There are 4 ways we can help you and your business now:

If you have been affected by COVID-19 in any way at all, book an advice call here. No sales pitch, no cost – just help.

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Access a webinar recording of Simon and Tony Robbins from last week. This strategic, tactical and timely discussion could mean the difference between a business that survives and thrives, and one that doesn’t. Watch Here

Keep up to date with all the information on COVID-19 in our resource hub here, which is being updated daily with any new information as and when it is released.

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