Employee Advantages to Ensure Everyone is Rowing in the Same Direction

by | Aug 9, 2017

Employee Advantages to Ensure Everyone is Rowing in the Same Direction

At GrowFactor we love helping businesses grow. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than being part of the journey that transforms your business ideas from scribbles on a napkin to a high turnover company.

Whether you are at the stage of getting your business off the ground or at the stage where you are aiming for rapid growth the most important thing to do is to set goals and formulate a plan to achieve them. To be most successful, it is imperative that everyone in your team is rowing in the same direction. Therefore, you must ensure there are employee advantages in place to ensure your team is motivated to reach your business vision. Often small businesses think that they must compete with larger companies with bigger employee advantage budgets. However, the structure of small businesses allows for greater employee input and involvement. By involving employees and improving team morale at work, you can ensure they feel their contribution to the organisation is valued.


At our firm one of the ways we do this is on a weekly basis by having team meetings on Monday morning to decide our goals and action points for the week and then catching up on Fridays to review our tasks and see how much we have achieved.


A team is a lot more than just a collection of employees; it’s people who actively work together to achieve the business vision and goals. Teamwork is a big asset to any business – the same number of people at work but working together better and more efficiently.


employee advantages

This image was captured at our most recent team meeting. In it we worked as a team to further define our culture and onboarding process so that our new clients see value in our service from day 1! Without your core team’s input, you as the Managing Director can’t know if your ideas are of value and feasible. By working together you’ll gain insight from all internal perspectives which will allow you to create processes that the entire team is on board with and excited about.


[Read Employee Advantages to Implement to Keep Happy Employees to further learn how you can motivate your staff to ensure everyone is on the same page and striving in the same direction towards your business vision].

However, achieving your business goals shouldn’t be just limited to your internal team. We recognise that your accountant should be in tune with your ambitions to ensure that you achieve the desired results and success on your terms. Ensure you have a business adviser that is ready to support you as your business rapidly progresses and grows.

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