Essential Apps for Small Business Owners

by | May 9, 2017

Essential Apps for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, then chances are you have limited resources, time and money. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of advancements in technology which make it even easier to maximise efficiency in your business. As a small business ourselves, we understand this struggle all too well, so we have compiled a list of essential apps we use and recommend for all small business owners.

1. Charlie

apps for small business owners

Charlie acts as your online HR team (or in our case our only HR team)! This software currently provides 7000+ teams a safe, central location to store employee information without the hassle of spreadsheets or drawers of physical files. It even has a guided onboarding process to take new members of your team through, so you’ll never have to watch someone fill in a P45 or scan a passport, ever again!

We find Charlie especially useful for booking time off. The GrowFactor team can effortlessly apply for a holiday and their manager can approve it within a minute! This means no one’s holiday request form can ever be lost again! 


2. Asana

apps for small business owners

Asana should be your go to project management tool. Within Asana you can create multiple projects, assign team members, create tasks, track an individual’s progress and track the project’s progress overall, using the calendar feature.  This is a tool which can be used to help improve your individual organisational skills, as well as organise a team within a project.

We use Asana to assign tasks to other team members, to track project progress and to take notes during team meetings.

3. Slack

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Described as “a single workplace for your small to medium-sized company“,  Slack takes the formality out of internal communications by allowing quick and accessible conversations to occur on your MacBook or on your phone, at any time, whether you are in the office or working from home. It is essentially WhatsApp for the workplace!

At GrowFactor, we have multiple threads to suit our needs of the moment; from discussing deadlines, to brainstorming marketing ideas, to deciding where we will go for our next social! 

Check out Management Today’s recent interview with Slack’s co-founder, Cal Henderson on how he turned failure into success – twice!

4. GoToMeeting 

apps for small business owners

With 16 million worldwide users per month, GoToMeeting does provide a simple and reliable web meeting solution. It is easy to set up as you can simply add the GoToMeeting link to your calendar request without any emails back and forth asking where to meet or which number is best to call.

This will save you time and travel expenses (especially if you do business out with the UK)!

Not only do we use this for external meetings but we also use it for internal meetings. This means we can communicate efficiently, even when someone is working from home.

And because we are accountants we couldn’t not mention the essential accounting apps for small businesses!

1. Receipt Bank

apps for small business owners

If you live in fear of losing vital receipts and missing out on expense or VAT claims, then Receipt Bank is your answer. This app allows you to simply take a photograph of your receipts to then email or upload directly and then you can watch as it scans for all the key details it requires to organise this information correctly. 

The GrowFactor team uses this app to upload expense claims, providing organisation to an area that can often lack it! Furthermore, we encourage all our clients to use this app, as not only does it fit in well with our paperless philosophy but it also saves everyday business owners time and space because you don’t need to house all those paper receipts anymore! 

(And of course receipt bank effortlessly integrates with your Xero and QuickBooks Online accounting software)!

2. Accounting Software

apps for small business ownersapps for small business owners

GrowFactor is proud platinum partners of Xero and QuickBooks Online. These can be used on your desktop or as a cloud based solution which means you can get up-to-the minute accountancy for your business. If you require a Xero Accountant in Birmingham or a QuickBooks Online Accountant in London or if you are unsure what the best software is for your organisation, we can provide you with a free consultation.


Read Essential Apps for Business Financing to Integrate with Your Accounting Software to learn more about crucial software tools for your small business.

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