7 Smart Habits of People Who Make Things Happen

by | Sep 26, 2019

7 Smart Habits of People Who Make Things Happen

There’s a culture amongst entrepreneurs that you have to hussle long hours every day to be successful. Over the years I’ve met many business owners that work every available moment because they think that’s what they need to do to get to the next level. In reality all those business owners eventually burnout! 

Building and growing a business takes dedication. Most businesses aren’t an overnight success. Instead you need to form good habits and stick with them! Here are 7 smart habits you can adapt to make sure things happen in your organisation:


man sleeping

Having a bedtime routine that you stick to is the most commonly unappreciated recommendation to stay efficient at work. In fact, most known world leaders have their own sleeping habits that set them apart from the rest. One thing these leaders have in common is they take pride in how they sleep – they know resting is important. Make sure you make sleep a priority for you. Everyone has different times of day that they feel most productive. For me, I like to go to bed early and get up early. 

It really is magic when you wake up early even if you hate it. Give yourself time in the morning to wake up properly and get productive. Regardless, just make sure you have a sleep routine that you consistently stick to! You’ll notice your overall quality of sleep improve as well as your performance at work. 

Don’t pressure yourself with small decisions 

A day in your company can be really stressful and you have to make the final decision on everything. Whilst you’ll have to face big strategy decisions you don’t have to deal with small, meaningless decisions. Remove some choice from your life – eliminate small decisions. Some business owners stick with the same breakfast everyday whilst some wear the same shirt to be more efficient. 

Start by eliminating small things that are less important. Then think bigger. Ask yourself, can I delegate this or outsource this decision? For example, you can outsource your finance department and be safe in the knowledge you are functioning as tax efficiently as possible. Declutter your mind by removing the insignificant decisions you have to make on a daily basis.

Boost your brain power 

business man reading a book

They say ideas are cheap, memory is expensive. If you have a great idea bursting inside your head make sure you capture it! When inspiration strikes, immediately write it down. Record it using your phone, send an email or go old school and write it on a bit of paper. This smart habit will definitely help you be more innovative.

Look at your growth metrics

In today’s business world, the ability to measure and make sense of data is integral to your  success. You should know how to track key financial metrics of your company’s growth. A smart habit would be looking at your company’s KPIs every week to ensure you know the  top level performance figures. Without regular review you won’t know if you are achieving growth. 

Create a plan and avoid distractions

When you start a new project you’ll create a strategy plan. Instead of focusing on the entire plan at once choose three things (three to thrive) that you’ll focus on that day. Don’t get distracted by other elements of the project. Instead focus and finish three actions before looking to do more. Create actions that are objective and purpose driven. 

Remind yourself to ease up and have fun

woman smiling

It is easy as a business owner to get stuck in the business and find you no longer know why you started! You lose the passion and wonder if it would be easier to stop and go back to employment or consulting. 

To avoid this make sure to take regular holidays and don’t take yourself too seriously! Not every day will be a day that you can make jokes with your team but make sure it doesn’t become a habit. Your mood has a huge impact on your employees’ morale. Make sure you create a work environment that is fun and a nice place to be. Happy people make productive employees! 

Practice gratitude

So often we get caught up in our hectic lives that we fail to stop and reflect on how lucky we truly are. As a business owner, you get to do what you love every day. 

Creating a habit of gratitude has great value for your business. Simply being grateful for what you do will increase your motivation and commitment. We should all be a bit more grateful.

Smart habits don’t have to be complicated but they do have to be consistent. Consistent positive habits are what will take you from average to major success.

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