How to grow your coaching or consulting business ?

by | Jul 28, 2020

How to grow your coaching or consulting business ?

If you don’t know how to attract, convert, and deliver to clients with an equal level of skill you’ll end up with a business that is hard work. Without many rewards.

In today’s short article I’m going to talk over my view of the perfect business model. This model will allow you to scale massively without hard work. Hopefully, it’ll make you think about areas to focus on for your business over the next period of recovery.

There are three main areas of a business, imagine a triangle with the following as each side:

  1. Attraction – to be able to consistently generate leads and enquiries of the right quality on a daily basis.
  2. Conversion – you have a consistent and measurable process to audition clients, and convert the ones you want to be clients.
  3. Delivery – your product or service delivers massive value to your clients and a high-profit margin (>50% for you)

coaching business growth tip

Each of these needs to be present or you can’t scale.

Put another way if you imagine a bike wheel, section it into three slices. Now score each of the three areas in your business out of ten.

Ten being a full slice to the end. 5 being halfway and so on. If you are all 7’s you’ll go slower but it’ll be smooth. If you have one score out of alignment things will start to get bumpy.

coaching business growth model

Each area needs to be clearly planned, simple, focused, and easily measurable to be able to scale. Each area needs a system; relying on referrals or launch marketing isn’t a system to attract clients. Having an informal chat, not using a script or process for sales calls with clear qualification isn’t a system.

Delivering 121 coaching without a scale plan isn’t a system. Different delivery methodology to different types of clients isn’t a system. We are aiming to engineer with precision each of the three key areas.

So what do you need help with?

Ask yourself the following questions. Do you have a measurable and consistent process for each of these areas? What would you score yourself out of ten?

I’m going to dig into more detail into each of these areas in future articles. If you need help now then reach out to me by booking a free consultation below. We can discuss your specific business and how to improve each area so you can have more money, meaning and freedom.

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