3 Steps on How to Implement a Successful Remote Working Strategy

by | Jul 24, 2020

3 Steps on How to Implement a Successful Remote Working Strategy

Did you know that implementing successful remote working can save you up to 60% of your total outgoings? In times like this, as part of new normal,  many business owners are trying to make remote working effective. But how do you you that? 

Here are some steps to implement a successful remote working: 

Step 1: Create a Plan

In order to be able to successfully implement remote working you will want your team to be on board and enthusiastic at the prospect.

It is so important at this stage to demonstrate how you see the business running remotely? What is your desired outcome from remote working? What is your end result?

It is also important to have several discussions with your team so that any issues or concerns that are highlighted can be resolved before the remote working is implemented.

Does everyone have a space which they can allocate as their working area? Is everyone comfortable with the idea of working from home? Does working from home allow your team to be more flexible e.g. able to work from coffee shops, gyms etc? Will you cover the expense of hot-desking if a team member is not comfortable working from their home? Are the working hours going to be the same or are they going to be flexible?

Make remote working as convenient and fun for your team as you can!


Step 2: Set up your Business

Now that you’ve implemented step 1, it’s time to think about how your business works. You may know the daily tasks involved within the team’s roles but you need to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ and this is what we found the most challenging.This is where it can seem quite daunting but there are so many amazing online services available it is easy to complete once you know what exactly you have to do!

Things to consider:

  • Does everyone have access to the same software?
  • How do you receive your information and how will this be shared among the team once remote?
  • How will you receive your post – you will need a remote working office address?
  • What equipment will the team need individually – Printers? Phones? Second screens? Headsets? Desks? Chairs?
  • How are you still going to implement a ‘one team’ approach? Morning huddles, face to face monthly meetings? Now that office expenditure has gone splash out on quarterly activities – to boost morale and socialise as a team.
  • What software options are available to ensure your team feels supported at all times and can communicate effectively

Step 3: Check in with your Team

Once you have all the logistics agreed and planned it’s time to implement! At first, expect teething problems, this will be normal but the sooner you overcome these problems the better. Revisit with your team weekly for the first month – how are they finding things? Is there anything they are struggling with? Have they found themselves a healthy routine?

Then after ensuring to catch up with your team monthly to specifically discuss remote working to avoid any underlying issues arising in the future.

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