How to Manage High Performance Teams

by | Dec 7, 2017

How to Manage High Performance Teams

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” The key is to manage your team effectively without having to tell them what to do. 



High performing employees are the people your small organisation needs to succeed. These are the individuals that take pride in their work and actively want to grow and develop throughout their careers. In order to effectively manage these employees, you need to redistribute decision-making. Top-down, hierarchical organisation structures assume that top management know more about an area of the business than the employees within that department. If you have award-winning employees within your sales department that are experts in sales, then they need to have the autonomy to effectively self-manage. Why hire experts if you aren’t willing to give them control to do their best?

Typically, start-ups have flatter organisation structures than larger organisations. This enables information to be shared more freely across the business, allowing for rapid decision making. Therefore start-ups can make a massive impact quickly because they are quicker at making decisions! Instead of senior management focusing on every project, they should focus on providing support, strategic insight and demonstrate leadership through teamwork. The best managers encourage input and inspire creativity amongst a team resulting in a happier and more productive team that actively put forward ideas to better the company.

Ultimately, the key to strong management is the ability to create strong relationships with employees through effective communication and a culture of teamwork. Managers must work with employees to ensure their individual objectives align with the overall mission, vision and values of the business to ensure the entire team are striving in the same direction.

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To be a great manager to your team it is essential to be a good listener. Regularly ask your team for their insight on your business processes and how you can make them more efficient.

Every high performance employee wants to be involved with meaningful work. Therefore, provide development opportunities, create strong relationships and embrace honest feedback to show your staff you value their hard work.  Employees that know they are valued will stay with your business.

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