How to Set Financial Goals for you Coaching Business

by | Apr 7, 2021

How to Set Financial Goals for you Coaching Business

To set financial goals for your coaching business you first need to know the WHY

Like anything in life, if you have an end destination in mind you will make much more consistent and rapid progress.

If you have the goal in place, your route mapped out and a way to measure your progress along the way it’ll be much smoother sailing.

The steps to set financial goals in a coaching business are 

Step 1 – Review what happened last year

Step 2 – Establish new financial targets for 2021

Set sales targets based on growth versus last year, what’s happened in the past and what’s achievable this year

Try to then think about the strategy and therefore associated costs involved with achieving those sales. 

Step 3 – Share with your team and those outside your team so they can question your assumptions, ask you hard questions about how you will achieve the goals and perhaps push you to increase your goals.


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