How to Improve Your Mindset to Better Your Business

by | Dec 14, 2018

How to Improve Your Mindset to Better Your Business

Have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Many small business owners often feel like a fraud when they first start out. Can I really help this client? What if they don’t see the value in what I’m offering? Essentially, imposter syndrome is a pattern of thinking that leads people to lose confidence in themselves, in their accomplishments and in their ability to do their job. This results in individuals becoming stressed about being “discovered as a fraud” by their peers.

Imposter syndrome can be a very destructive disorder if left unchecked. It can turn positive moments into negatives and put a dampener on an individual’s work-related accomplishments. It can present itself as severe anxiety and self-doubt which can inhibit an individual’s ability to perform at the level that they are capable of.

Most people suffer from a degree of imposter syndrome at some point in their career. This includes your staff! So, if a member of your team has had a recent promotion, make sure to ensure they are adjusting well to their new role. If you don’t, you could end up with an unhappy team that is often off with stress and anxiety related illnesses. 

The important thing is to recognise that it is imposter syndrome and to take control of the situation in order to move forward. Although imposter syndrome is not considered to be an official “psychological disorder”, it is a real occurrence and can often be identified as work-related anxiety or stress. 

Like any other pattern of thinking, it is learned and reinforced in the individual’s mind. Therefore, it can be addressed through retraining yourself to adopt healthier patterns of thinking. 

Do this by celebrating your wins. Every morning we ask all of our team members to present their biggest achievement from the previous day. Not only can the team acknowledge the successes of their colleagues but the employee presenting can also focus on that achievement and feel accomplished. Have your team perform this exercise every morning for consistent results.

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You likely enjoy seeing your team and others around you flourish. Share your expertise! The more you engage and showcase your skills to others, the more you reinforce the value you can bring to the table. Plus, not only will you develop the people around you but you’ll likely reap the benefits in the future when someone chooses to share their expertise with you in exchange. If you like the sound of that you’d benefit from joining a mastermind accountability group, so you can grow your business within a group of similar business owners. We personally did this at the beginning of the year and haven’t looked back since. 

If you are suffering badly with imposter syndrome (to the extent that it is keeping you awake at night), don’t suffer in silence. Look into seeking help from a professional coach or therapist so you can get to the root cause of the anxiety. That way you’ll be able to create an effective coping mechanism. 

Take the time this week to analyse your mindset. If you improve your mindset, your business will ultimately improve for the better.

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