COVID-19: Make Remote Working Effective

by | Apr 30, 2020

COVID-19: Make Remote Working Effective

From the previous blog, we talked about the first step process for your business to thrive during the Coronavirus crisis which is to Get Lean!. The second step for business to survive is to make remote working effective for you and your employees. 

During this time of pandemic, remote working has been imposed on us across the globe, so it isn’t a choice anymore. For those that didn’t work remotely before it’s important to set up so there is no loss of productivity


Have an effective setup:

We could be at home for 6 months so it’s critical that you have appropriate desk height, a proper chair, ideally two screens and an option to stand. If you have to buy equipment to make this happen I would do it. It’s an investment in making this time as effective as it can be and when you return to the office you already have a home setup you can use where possible to spend more time with family or just have some more time to yourself without commuting. 

Equip your team with the best tools:

Use Slack for communication, use Loom to record short videos for your team, use Asana to keep track of projects, use online accounting to keep things up to date (for a full list send us an email at


Make your setup somewhere that is free from distraction:

This is hard sometimes, I have an office but the kids constantly come and give me updates on their home schooling, it can be seen from the front door so the Amazon delivery driver will be knocking on the door when I’m on a conference call but it’s at least a separate room where mentally I feel ‘in the work zone’. I can put on my headphones, put a sign on the door for the kids, and shut my blinds so the driver can’t see me. 


Have a clear plan for the day mapped out:

It’s easier to lose track when you are on your own at home. Map out the top 3/5 things to achieve that day in priority order and allocate time to them in your day. Make sure to plan breaks, exercise and mindfulness. 


Start laying out process documents and checklists:

Everything you do remotely needs to be consistent so if you have a team and are going to do the set task more than once, document it at the time you do it. This will make it easier to delegate as you can’t sit with someone anymore and have them pop back for questions (although you can do this virtually it’s not going to contribute to you being effective)

Working from home as a Coronavirus continuity plan is not enough, you have to make sure that it’s effective. This is the second step on how business owners like you can survive during the pandemic. Read the third step of our business survival guide which is to Master your Finances.  


There are 4 ways we can help you and your business now:

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