Protect Your Business with IT Security Training and Strong Passwords

by | Oct 6, 2017

Protect Your Business with IT Security Training and Strong Passwords

Small businesses are becoming much more aware and proactive at installing quality security software and password protected severs to guard their business against cyber threats and attacks. However, many small business owners are unaware that their employees could be the weakest link in their IT security system!

Employee negligence can result in major data breaches. 81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords and policies. Typically, your employees will pick an easy to remember password and then duplicate it across multiple accounts, websites and logins. However, this practice will not secure your IT systems and will make your organisation vulnerable to cyber hacks. 

It is therefore important to provide regular substantial IT security training to all staff members. This training should clearly outline what websites and applications are not to be accessed or downloaded on company IT systems, as well as password complexity and how frequently employees should actively update their passwords. You can even use a password generator service to eliminate time spent on thinking up complex passwords.



However, if your employees require numerous complex passwords you will need a password manager to ensure they have a secure place to store their passwords. If you don’t you may find employees with passwords written down on post-it-notes left out in the open on desks!


At GrowFactor Accounting, we use Keeper. With Keeper, users can quickly and easily create high-strength, random passwords. Management can enforce password policies and monitor password compliance with Keeper’s dashboards, reporting, auditing and notifications. Another great feature allows you to share passwords amongst team members, ideal for shared accounts such as social media platforms!


Until fingerprint scanning and facial recognition become mainstream options for businesses we suggest you invest in protecting your business before an attack, not after!


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