#Miles4Orissa: GrowFactor’s Non-Stop 2000 Mile Challenge to Raise Money for Charity

by | Jan 16, 2020

#Miles4Orissa: GrowFactor’s Non-Stop 2000 Mile Challenge to Raise Money for Charity

The GrowFactor team have recently committed to raising £3000 for an amazing charity called the Friends of the Children of Orissa (Orissa).

The Charity

Orissa is an amazing charity that works with vulnerable children in Bhubaneswar, India. They support two partners to provide over 400 children, mostly girls, with full-time board and schooling, as well as rescuing children from the railways

The school (known as PUSS) provides the girls with good education and loving care so they can leave school and go onto further education and formal employment. Without the school, these children would be condemned to a lifetime of leprosy, sex work and begging. Instead, Orissa provides the children with the opportunity of a happy, safe and fulfiling future.

Orissa also supports SOCH to rescue runaway and lost children from the railways. They reunite children with their families (where appropriate) or find them secure homes they can be safe in.

The Challenge

On the 6th of February 2020, the entire UK and Philippines GrowFactor team will undertake the challenge of cycling 2000 miles (the total length of India). This challenge represents the daily struggles and hard-ship faced by the Orissa children.

The team will primarily cycle (but they can run or row also) in two locations. The UK team from Graftism and the Philippines team from Anytime Fitness – El Pueblo.

This is a non-stop challenge! This means no breaks for 24 hours until the distance has been achieved!

How to Donate Miles:

Whilst the GrowFactor team will conquer the majority of the miles you can join in too! From 12:01 am on the 3rd of February 2020 you can donate your miles to the cause. The only rules are:

  • The miles have to be earned via physical activity – you can’t go a drive in your car!
  • You must donate your miles via Instagram

To donate simply take a picture of your total distance (you can use a GPS tracking app, fitness watch or workout machine to track distance) and post it to your Instagram story. Make sure to tag @teamgrowfactor with the hashtag #Miles4Orissa! We’ll thank you with a shout out and count your miles towards our total distance. 

There is no limit to how many times you can donate during the week of the challenge but all submissions must be in before the GrowFactor team ends their challenge. Therefore, any submissions after the 7th of February 2020 will not be counted.

How to Donate Money:

As much as we’d appreciate your miles, the children of Orissa will appreciate your monetary donations much more. Please donate what you can here and help us reach our £3000 goal.


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