Small Changes = Big Impact. The Evaluation.

by | Jul 20, 2018

Small Changes = Big Impact. The Evaluation.

Last month, we launched our new brand GrowFactor and Epic8 services. Check out our Welcome to GrowFactor blog post to find out why we think GrowFactor is the future of accountancy.

Small changes = big impact

As part of our rebrand, we challenged our team and the local business community to commit to a small change that would have a massive impact on their personal development or business growth (or both)!

Real growth isn’t about making massive changes. It’s about making the right small changes. Walking to work instead of driving. Skipping your morning Starbucks and making coffee yourself. Reading for an hour instead of watching TV.

By making small positive changes to your life and sticking to them, you’ll grow. You might not see it straight away, but you’ll be growing, and before you know it you’ll be looking for another small change to make.

And it’s the same in business.

Don’t always go for the big change. Our stance is make one positive small change today, and you’ll grow. The only question is, what are you going to change?

Alongside our GrowFactor team, 80+ entrepreneurs and business owners answered that question and joined our movement to commit to a small change for four weeks. The 20th of July marks the final day of the campaign and therefore it is time to evaluate the successes and the impact #smallchangesbigimpact has had on our lives.

This is what our team had to say about their experience:

Yasser, Senior Growth Director

Small Change = “I am going to start everyday by hand-writing my long-term goals that I would love to achieve which puts me en route to achieving my ultimate vision.”

Big Impact = “Writing my goals down at the beginning of each day (I have 5 personal and 5 business) has only take 5 minutes a day but the massive impact it had was to direct my mind on achieving these goals by reminding me “What habits am I inculcating to ensure I moving closer to my goals” every day.”

Ravi, Senior Growth Manager

Small Change = “Instead of watching tv for an hour in the evening I am going to read instead.”

Big Impact = “Reading books has increased both my general knowledge and business acumen, I will continue to reach for my book instead of a TV remote for the foreseeable future.”

Jessica, Growth Manager

Small Change = “I’m going to cut out all sugary snacks to improve my focus during the day.”

Big Impact = “Avoiding sugar laden food in the week has kick-started my journey to improved health and fitness. I have noticed a great change in my energy and will continue with this small change.”

Yemi, Growth Manager

Small Change = “I am going to smile more!”

Big Impact = “Smiling more everyday has made me come out of my shell and fit better with the team.”

Debbie, Growth Development Officer

Small Change = “I am going to make social plans every Wednesday so that I can maintain strong relationships with my friends.”

Big Impact = “Although I’ve not stuck to Wednesdays I have made a small change by ensuring every week or weekend I have a sociable event scheduled, either with friends or family. My pledge would be to continue this into the Autumn/Winter months!”

Lucy, Marketing Executive

Small Change = “I am going to commit to exercising three times a week to boost my mood so I can have more energy and focus.”

Big Impact = “The commitment inspired me to try morning boxing before starting the workday and as a result I’ve felt more energised and focused during the day. Plus I can go home knowing I don’t have to force myself back out to go a run, win win!”

Kirsten, Head of Excellence

Small Change = “I am going to meal prep for the week so that I can be more efficient in the mornings.”

Big Impact = “Meal prepping in the evenings has allowed me to think more carefully about a nutritious, balanced diet and has ultimately saved me time in the morning.”

Put a face to the name, check out our team.

Overwhelmingly, the Small Changes Big Impact campaign has been a successful experience for the GrowFactor team. We’d recommend trying it with your team; not only is it a great bonding experience but it pushes your team to challenge themselves outside of work. Join the movement, post your experience or commitment on social media with #GrowFactor and #smallchangesbigimpact or leave a comment below.

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