Train the Brain for Extra Gains!

by | Aug 11, 2017

Train the Brain for Extra Gains!

At GrowFactor we are firm believers in having efficient workflows that maximise productivity and in turn achieve the best results for our clients. In previous blogs, we have set out the tools we use to prioritise our tasks and keep our to do lists realistic. But if we are breaking into a mental sweat day to day, are we complementing this with training for our bodies to facilitate this too?

Inspired by our recent Partnership with Railway Children, as a team we have been brainstorming what activities we can do together to raise enough money to reach our ambitious fundraising target! I’m currently trying to convince the team that a half-marathon in November is the answer (watch this space for updates on my success)! In light of this, it seemed only fitting to focus on fitness and the importance of physical fitness for your mental wellbeing and for the success of your small business! 

Man Workout Kettlebell


People’s motivation for doing exercise can be to tone thighs or build up biceps or flatten tummies. But did you know workouts could also improve the performance of your mind?


There is research to prove that the performance of the brain is enhanced considerably by regular exercise. Train the brain is a must! Working out can literally bulk up our brains to allow them to perform better at tasks that require concentration and recall. Studies also describe how exercise leads to better cognitive function as it stimulates the pumping of blood through the body, including the brain. More blood to the brain means more oxygen and, therefore, a better-nourished brain and highly nourished tissue.

Schools have monitored the results of students taking memory tests and problem solving challenges following an exercise session and found them to perform 20% better compared to their performance before exercise.

I am a sport fanatic, trying to find time to play them all is the biggest challenge I face. Hockey, running, football, squash and now cycling are amongst my top hobbies.


[Read How Small Business Can Benefit From the Cycle to Work Scheme to learn how you can save money by cycling to work!]


But there is no need to start off as eagerly. You can start off by doing just 15 minutes a day and work up gradually to an hour of continuous working out. Even a short cardiovascular session can get the blood pumping to enhance memory, problem solving and decision-making.

You could even combine exercise with study. It may not be your ideal solution but learning through audio on an iPhone while on an exercise bike or treadmill can be extremely effective.

Going to the gym can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list in everyone’s busy, hectic lifestyle. We’re all guilty of saying we’ll go to the gym ‘later’, however, studies show that even two hours of brisk walking per week is enough to get the correct chemicals flowing throughout the body. And now with the abundance of streaming and catch-up services at your fingertips, it’s impossible to fall short of finding podcasts, shows and TED Talks that you can indulge yourself in while pumping iron.

To demonstrate our own sporting prowess, we will be soon (hopefully) be competing in a half-marathon! Keep tuned to learn how you can support us in raising as much as possible for Railway Children so that we can help create a world where no child ever has to live on the streets.


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