15 Useful Tips for Working From Home to Ensure Accountability

by | Jul 22, 2020

15 Useful Tips for Working From Home to Ensure Accountability

Did you know that only 30% of the UK workforce worked from home in 2019? But due to the COVID-19 lockdown, this has increased to 60%.

Shifting to remote working has been a huge challenge for some industries but for others, it has been the norm in recent years. GrowFactor has been practicing flexible work from home policy for over a year. And it’s been working for us without compromising our productivity.

If your service business is new to home working, here are some valuable tips to ensure productivity for your clients and employees:

  1. Schedule Monthly & Quarterly Face-to-Face meetings with your team.
  2. Invest in technology to manage your team like Slack, Asana, etc. Pick the best software that is suitable for your team and client work process.
  3. Have a Yearly Meeting Planner to set accountability for yourself and your team. Pre book the key meet up dates into everyone’s diary (we call it the preloaded year).
  4. Communicate with your team and clients often. Utilise all communication platforms that are best suited for your clients and team. We use slack for team, email and whatsapp business for clients.
  5. Plan your day the night before. Always have three key outcomes set out and when you want to complete them by.
  6. Tackle the worst task of the day first, the one you would normally put off until after lunch.
  7. Work in 25-minute chunks with a five-minute break (this is called Pomodoro)
  8. Turn the TV off and other distractions not related to your work – don’t multitask
  9. Reward yourself after each achievement. Make a nice lunch or a fancy coffee. Take a longer break.
  10. Get dressed. Don’t be sitting in your PJ’s all day 🙂
  11. Experiment with locations around the house if you don’t have a dedicated office, find out where you are most productive.
  12. Walk or Exercise. Break up your day with some fresh air. Use a standing desk if possible throughout the day.
  13. Block out your diary as if you were in the office at meetings or working to a schedule, with what you are working on.
  14. Set boundaries. Beware of your working day blurring into your home life.
  15. Don’t fill your commute time that you got back with more work, use that to exercise, spend time with family or friends, or develop a new hobby or skills. Enjoy the extra time you have each day

If you want a walk through for your business and access to a template for this then book a call with me to chat about it.

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