14 Ways to Boost Employee Morale at Work

by | Aug 16, 2019

14 Ways to Boost Employee Morale at Work

As the leader of your business, how serious are taking employee morale and what steps are you taking to improve it? If you aren’t overly concerned about how to boost employee morale your organisation may be at a disadvantage. After all, low staff morale can result in poor staff engagement and cooperation that may lessen your productivity and negatively impact turnover. 

Positive work cultures have been found to produce more productive employees than traditional cut throat environments. Therefore, all business owners should dedicate time to improving the work environment and culture to ensure their employees are happy at work. 

Here are creative and proven approaches you can adapt to your company to boost employee morale and build your company success:

  1. Pay attention to the signs of burnout
  2. Encourage work-life balance amongst employees
  3. Train employees to improve positive attitudes
  4. Take time to celebrate success at work
  5. Examine your company culture and align your staff
  6. Give your staff a chance to get along outside the office
  7. Create a precise sales compensation plan and scheme
  8. Have accurate compensation administration processes
  9. Try out individual and team-based bonuses
  10. Offer employee benefits for your A+ team members
  11. Advocate for career advancement
  12. Be transparent with promotion expectations
  13. Amaze your team members with occasional surprises
  14. Take time to communicate and give constructive feedback

Pay attention to the signs of burnout 

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Burnout will have a negative effect on staff morale. Excessive stress, whether that is experienced at home or work, will negatively impact the performance of your employees. This is a serious threat to your business growth. 

Burnout may first show itself as your employee losing interest and motivation to complete their daily tasks. They may feel tired and drained the majority of the time. They may skip work or come to the office late. This leads to poor performance which will impact on your company. 

Burnout can happen to anyone and is unfortunately the reality for all organisations. Burnout is typically a gradual process; it doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, as a leader, you need to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of burnout amongst your employees. If you spot the signs you can then start to actively reduce stress on that employee to prevent a major breakdown. Recognition of an issue is the first step to increasing staff morale.   

Encourage work-life balance amongst employees

You understand that as a business owner, it is important that you create a business around your lifestyle and not the other way around. Your business could be making more money than ever before but you have to ensure that you are not sacrificing something that is far more valuable… TIME. 

Similarly, employees want to have a career that’s perfect for their lifestyle, and you should promote better work-life balance to them. You can simply do this by encouraging your staff to indulge in their personal time, ensure they take their annual leave, and implement time management skills training for them. Working from home allowances also helps encourage a better work-life balance and will contribute to improving employee morale. 

Train employees to improve positive attitudes

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Attitude is everything. Your employees come from different walks of life and each has an important role within your organisation. Managing a high performing team can be difficult, as attitude at the workplace can be contagious. It’s very critical you professionally invent ways to impact their mindset positively and create a fun environment at work for them to thrive. 

You can start by training them to set realistic goals. Employees who have realistic goals can achieve more and reduce work pressure. You may also need to outlay a robust chain of command upfront for your employees. This way they know who to approach and lessen the strain in their work procedures. 

Take time to celebrate success at work

Celebration breeds more success. Marking the accomplishment of your organisation and your employee adds joy and boosts employee morale. 

By highlighting success, not only does it inspire other members within the organisation but it shows that hard work will be acknowledged. Allowing time for reflection allows for a happier and more productive work environment. 

Examine your company culture and align your staff

Ask yourself, what culture do you have in your organisation? Culture plays an important role. This is why you need to build a strong positive culture within your business. Start by examining your current culture, are you setting a good example for your team members? Are you and your employees aligned with the organisation’s mission, vision and values? 

To instill a positive culture, you have to make sure everyone is aligned. You can start this by being more transparent with your staff. Involve your staff in company decisions and meetings so they feel like they have a place in the organisation. Make sure to consolidate the vision with you team often. A quarterly meeting followed by a social would certainly improve alignment and boost staff morale.  

Give your staff a chance to get along outside the office 

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Organising fun events where your employees can get together and get them away from their desk can improve their morale at work. This way, you and your staff can interact with one another not only professionally but also on a more personal level. Besides, co-workers who work well together, work harder together. This will have a positive impact on your company as you are welcoming positive office vibes to foster. 

Create a precise sales compensation plan and scheme

Setting up a commission employee scheme will help your staff to stay motivated and drive their performance for the better. If you don’t currently have a sales commission scheme check out the benefits of having an incentive scheme to your business growth. A sales commission plan will encourage better sales behaviour. Make sure the scheme is simple and precise to avoid confusion and dispute. Furthermore, ensure that it is aligned with the organisation’s mission, vision and values. 

Have accurate compensation administration processes

Whilst your employees gain a lot from employee they are ultimately your employee so they can be rewarded with payment every pay period. It is therefore your ultimate responsibility to ensure employees are paid correctly and timely each pay period. When you fail to implement an efficient payroll process for your staff you decrease employee morale and motivation to work. Your employees are your greatest asset, don’t lose them over avoidable payroll errors!

Having  a dependable payroll service can eliminate those mistakes and build better relationships between you and your employees. Besides, you don’t want your employees to feel like they have to fight for the money they work hard for. Good processes invoke trust. 

Try out individual and team-based bonuses 

There is no denying that employees love a bonus. There’s no need to make bonuses complicated. From the team member’s perspective a bonus is a gesture that shows them they’ve done well, a pat on the back for their hard work. 

A team bonus would motivate and improve morale amongst that entire team. When offering rewards to employees ensure you get guidance from an outsourced payroll provider to accurately and fairly distribute the checks to your team. 

Offer employee benefits to your A+ team members

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Here in the United Kingdom, all workers are entitled to statutory paid annual leave and retirement (in the form of a workplace pension) but you can do better than that. Develop an employee benefits package that offers better job satisfaction for your employees. The benefits don’t necessarily need to be grand. You can start with small offers like free food, gym memberships, and flexible working hours. Then, you can improve it more as your company starts to grow. Offering competitive benefits will increase staff loyalty and improve productivity as employees will feel valued. 

Advocate for Career Advancements

As a business owner, you may have to overcome a business plateau. Similarly, your team members may also experience plateau and hit a wall in their career. It is important to take this into account when you want to boost staff morale. Everyone wants to grow and be challenged. Why not grant your team time to pursue a project they are passionate about. This will help them expand their skill set by exploring different roles. 

Taking on a personal project is an energising break from their regular responsibilities. This can be a win-win situation as their project may be the source of your company’s latest innovation.

Be transparent with promotion expectations

Your employees have their own career goals and aspirations. You must be transparent with them when it comes to promotion. Clearly show the possible routes they could take in the organisation and the steps they’d have to do to achieve it. 

Providing clear guidelines will help with anxiety and provide a clear direction for your employees. This will improve employee morale. 

Amaze your team members with occasional surprises

office party celebration

When you are surprising your staff, you can be as creative as you so desire. You could give your team a Friday afternoon off if they hit their targets, or you could organise a surprise event – like a games day!

Keep work fresh with a bit of a surprise every now and then! Don’t forget to have fun with your team members. 

Take time to communicate and give constructive feedback 

It is incontestable that communication is the key to a positive relationship between you and your employees. Don’t underestimate the power of a small gesture. Communicating with your staff helps you unravel how that individual works around your office and what truly motivates them. Giving time to them to discuss their current roadblocks and goals is essential for you to develop a way to boost their morale in your organisation. 

Moreover, giving feedback to your employee is important as well. You may give them productivity tips on how they can do better with their job. When you are giving feedback, you have to make sure that it timely, specific, objective, and constructive. You have to address issues as soon as they arise. Make sure to present issues positively and put your personal feelings and differences aside. This way, you can build trust and open communication with your staff. 

Staff morale can make or break your company’s success. Your team members are your most important asset but at the end of the day, your employees are humans! They have goals and feelings too. If you invest time and energy into ensuring your staff are happy then you’ll assist your business by improving productivity and employee retention. There are many ways to boost employee morale but first stop and listen to what they have to say. If you do that, you’ll soon have the entire team rowing the same boat towards the organisation’s ultimate goal.

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