Why Coaching is an Effective Leadership Technique for a Productive Team

by | Apr 11, 2018

Why Coaching is an Effective Leadership Technique for a Productive Team

A good coach is a good manager. In addition to ensuring the achievement of business objectives, managers are responsible for encouraging growth, confidence and ambition in employees.

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Effective leadership techniques have evolved over the last few decades and the way that managers interface with their teams has become more focused on getting the most out of people through coaching. Compared to a more directive style, a manager who uses a coaching style tends to foster an environment of collaboration and more open communication.

Build a confident tea

Coaching helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. A coach who builds on each team member’s strengths and weaknesses can help to create a more confident team. If your team members are confident, they are more likely to push harder and go above and beyond what is expected of them.


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Employee Engagement

If your team members feel like they are working on repetitive, menial tasks, they will tend to feel less engaged. The best managers coach their teams through new experiences so that they can learn. Employees tend to feel more engaged if they are trusted with new projects and are more productive as a result.


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Active listening

Managers who adopt a coaching style tend to listen actively. They try to understand things from the perspective of their team members. Employees tend to respond positively to this and can be more motivated as a result.


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Millennials have become a larger segment of the workforce and they tend to respond well to a coaching style of leadership. Millennials tend to welcome feedback and regular dialogue regarding learning and development. They want to be coached and developed rather than managed.

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