Why Remote Working Should Be Included In Your Employee Advantages

by | Aug 23, 2017

Why Remote Working Should Be Included In Your Employee Advantages

We’ve discussed the how, now learn the why!

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Today we are still focusing on remote working. Why? Because remote working reflects the needs and desires of the current workforce. Therefore, if you want to ensure you attract, hire and retain the best talent you need to ensure remote working opportunities are included in your employee advantages.

[If you have yet to read the how, check out How To Make Remote Working Work For Your Small Business].

The Benefits of Remote Working

  • You’ll have a motivated, flexible workforce.
  • Your people will feel valued.
  • One way to boost your employees’ morale.
  • When employees feel trusted, they’ll work harder as a result.
  • There is the potential opportunity to hire staff from different locations and rework your business model to suit. For us this opens up an online model that means we can take on clients from anywhere in the UK and communicate remotely, we can therefore take on staff to service those clients from anywhere as long as they have the ability to get to the head office every so often for training and socials.
  • Retain staff who are thinking of lifestyle changes. You may have staff who are forced to leave because they are moving house to be nearer to their families. With remote working you can retain them and their experience.
  • Forces efficiency gain. Working remotely forces you to have efficient communication, when work is results driven and you want to get things done you will insist on good communications. For example, I am writing this blog on a train, I have picked up suggestions on the content from the team using Asana on my iPhone and can post a draft for final review by the team wherever they are.
  • Positive outlook of what is possible at the firm. Being part of the remote working journey makes you feel modern, fresh and different. Work no longer has to be Monday to Friday 9-6 and your life exists outside of those hours. The two can co-exist and days or hours can vary so long as output remains excellent.
  • Reduced office cost > Reduced fees > More clients

Just imagine working on a beach, in the sun in Bali and try not to smile 🙂

This is a no brainer, gone are the days of impressing clients with your swanky office. At the end of the day, they are paying for it!

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