Why Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW

by | May 11, 2017

Why Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW

As you may know, in April, the SRK team attended Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within! Typically, Tony’s usual audience is business owners, however it is not rare that those that do not own a business are also in mass attendance. However, it is rare that an entire organisation attends. Therefore, this blog will highlight the Tony Robbins UPW experience through the eyes of the entire SRK Team and why taking your team is a business investment.

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Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW


Key Takeaways 

  • Fear stops us from moving forward. We all experience fear, whether it is fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of the unknown. The secret is learning how to use fear instead of letting fear use you. If you are in the correct state you can overcome anything just like we did when we walked on hot, burning coals (we walked on fire)!
  • Emotions control and determine the quality of our lives. After all, we are all striving for an extraordinary quality of life. So, by making small changes in our daily lives and our perceptions we can change the drivers of our patterns of emotions.
  • The science of achievement = focus + massive action + fulfilment.  Focus: clarity and commitment is needed to provide direction and reach your desired outcome. Massive Action: change your actions until you gain momentum, complexity is the enemy of execution. Fulfilment: every strategy must have measurable progress to ensure happiness which in turn conditions us to continue.
  • If you want to excel at something in life, you should find a coach/mentor who has already achieved what you want to and model them.

Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW

How we will apply these to everyday life at SRK

  1. We will apply Tony Robbins priming each morning to get into peak state! If we are in peak state we will tackle challenges like opportunities instead of road blocks.
  2. We will understand the needs and values of humans which will help us to understand our clients’ needs better.
  3. We will work on our individual physiology, focus and language ensuring that we can better ourselves individually, which will reflect outwards to the entire team, our peers and our clients. 
  4. We will be grateful and more appreciative of ourselves, of others and of our circumstances. Think of the person you are most grateful for in your life and ask yourself – when was the last time you told them that? If we can feel this and share it, our quality of life and those around us will also improve. 

Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW

What was the main benefit of attending Tony Robbins UPW? 

Managing Director, Simon – “I thought this was amazing bonding experience. For the cost of the ticket (£895 for gold or £595 if booked early enough) you cannot get 4 days of insight, breakthrough and team bonding anywhere else. Those that breakthrough together, stay together and we are now unbreakable!”

Partner, Yasser – “It was a way of us all learning together in an environment outside of the office and with 10,000 other like minded people. I learnt more about some of the team then I had known over the last 3 years because people were willing to put themselves out of their comfort zones. I also think we are a big group of friends rather than work colleagues.”

Senior Associate, Ravi – “I feel our team bonded a lot during the 4 days as we were continually told to high 5 and hug one another. It brought a personal aspect to our business life and enabled us to engage with each other on a deeper level.”

Associate, Jess – “I enjoyed spending quality time with the team, especially since we had Lucy and Roshni join in January. It provided us with the opportunity to really get to know each other and become closer than colleagues.”

Associate, Roshni – “I feel closer to the SRK team. We got to spend 20 hour days away from work which really helped us connect and bond with each other.”

Marketing Executive, Lucy – “As a newish member of the team I still felt I didn’t know the team as well as I could do. The UPW experience can be a raw one at times and you therefore need to rely on those around you for support. Due to this, I feel now that the team works as just that, a team. It might seem odd to others that we actually like our colleagues! But why shouldn’t you enjoy spending time with your work team? After all you see them every Monday-Friday!”

Every single SRK team member found the team bonding experience invaluable. And you could argue ‘well, I could get team building for a lot cheaper, elsewhere’. Which is true but would a round of golf create the same level of connection within your team? I can confirm that it would not. How do I know this? Because here is us playing golf in February. 


Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW


Whilst this was a fun activity which brought the team together; the two experiences cannot be compared!

As a result of Tony Robbins UPW we have a team that is excited to push their own boundaires and to aim for more. You cannot have a successful business if you do not have a successful team behind you. It may seem like a pricey up front cost, however the return on that investment will last a lifetime. Find out more today!

Small Business Owners Should Invest in Tony Robbins UPW

In the spirit of gratitude, SRK’s Founder, Simon has a pre-release offer for his new book – Unleash Your Business Potential. Click below to get a free digital copy upon release.


P.S If there are any fellow firewalkers out there – you rock!

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